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Note: We can also manufacture the less expensive, lesser duty ditch magnets that some of our competitors are now offering, if needed. We don't recommend them but we can make them.
E.G. Neodymium ditch magnets with minimal magnetic points...
Lighter aluminum ditch magnets with light duty handles... Etc. Etc..
Please contact us for more details. We can manufacture any type of ditch magnet.

Ditch Magnets

Ditch Magnets are tools designed to remove metallic debris and particles from drilling mud that the shale shaker misses. The Ditch Magnets capture all debris having magnetic attraction and hold it until they are removed from the mud stream.

Ditch Magnets are particularly valuable during milling operations, wash overs and fishing jobs. Removal of mill cuttings and debris reduces the wear and tear of mud pumps and other equipment, as well as eliminating problems caused by the return down hole of harmful debris.

Ditch Magnets Direct is the go to source for many oil field companies when it comes to high quality, precision manufacturing and prompt delivery of oil field tools and products. In addition to our superb customer service, our production capabilities are the best in the industry! With our main production site’s ability to produce 40 – 50 ditch magnets per day, lead times are never an issue!

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Simplicity is kept in mind while high quality stainless steel is used to encapsulate a series of extra strength magnet elements, assuring ruggedness and maximum pick-up capacities. Equipped with integral handles at each end for easy lifting, all of our Ditch Magnets will hold in suspension approximately half of their weight in mill cuttings and other metal debris!


  • DMR-12 $450 USD
  • DMR-18 $550 USD
  • DMR-24 $650 USD

Round Ditch Magnet

Popular Products:

  • DM-12 $500 USD
  • DM-18 $600 USD
  • DM-24 $700 USD

Ditch Magnet

We have a variety of new products being added regularly! For more products, product specs/dimensions etc. and a downloadable, non-branded specs PDF file to send to your clients, visit our Products page.

We customize! If a custom size is required, simply Contact Us and give us the dimensions required. We will make it for you! It’s as simple as that!


Position the Ditch Magnets in the mud return line and/or in the shale shaker discharge. Metal particles passing by the Ditch Magnets will be attracted, caught and retained. Ditch Magnets should be used any time metal particles may accumulate in the mud. The units should be cleaned several times per day, depending on milling rate by removing the magnet and cleaning it with a fresh or salt water hose. Wipe all cuttings from the unit and return it to duty.

Ditch Magnets